Video collage — Beautiful, water-efficient landscapes of our customers

Because July is Smart Irrigation Month, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of our customers who have transformed their yards into a more water-efficient landscape.

We sent out Denver Water’s team of nine Water Savers, who spend their day with customers providing water-saving tips and tools, to capture some of the beautiful landscapes throughout Denver Water’s service area. In just one day, our Water Savers captured more than 100 photos highlighting a variety of efficient landscapes.

This video highlights a portion of what the Water Savers discovered.


Transforming your landscape doesn’t have to be extreme or even happen all at once. It can be as simple as identifying an area of your grass that is difficult to maintain because it is on a slope or receives too much sun exposure, or by locating areas of turf that aren’t necessary or beneficial, like on the side of your house or the sidewalk strip. By upgrading these unused or difficult-to-maintain areas, you’ll create a more efficient landscape — without sacrificing beneficial areas of your grass for kids and pets to play.

For landscape improvement ideas, check out our Transforming Landscape series:


3 responses to this post.

  1. Landscaping at the same time putting an effort in water conservation is not easy. You people are doing a great job at this. Smart irrigation is a tough subject and I think every landscaper needs to practice these methods. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  2. Beautiful, water-efficient landscapes.They are amazing and the place is beautiful indeed.


  3. Very beautiful. I would do this if I had a backyard! Putting in the time and effort can really pay off in the long run!


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